Entering the Red Path Gallery

Today, April 15, 2019, I am happy to announce that  I have placed my artwork into the Red Path Gallery here in Seward, NE at 514 Seward Street. I painted all week last week so I could get a new piece that I started and wanted to get all four framed last Friday at Hobby Lobby in Lincoln, NE. My displays will include porcelain art, acrylics, water colors, jewelry, furniture, note cards and much more.  Take the time to stop in at the gallery and look at all of the different art in this great old building that is so historic.

This week I am working on new jewelry that I didn’t get done for the gallery, but hope to get it done before the weekend and place it in the gallery also along with hand painted chairs and water color cards.

Celebrating 45 Years In Business

So blessed to celebrate 45 years in business this year!  In 1972, my Mother, E.V. Conner, a Nebraska landscape artist and I, took a 15-week course to learn how to paint china.  We had gone to an art show in Lincoln, NE and saw a hand painted tea set and eventually called the instructor and signed up for classes.  That was the beginning.  We would come home and teach the ladies in our china painting club what we had learned.
In 1985, we decided to take our wares and attend wholesale and retail gift shows.
We sold china products throughout the Midwest, eventually being in gift markets in Kansas City, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago and Denver, with several reps across the United States.  When it got to the place where we were painting 10-12 pieces of one item, I realized I was not a machine but an artist.  I decided I would do most of the orders  and commissions and my Mom would do “her thing”, which worked really well.
I have a website that shows products I carry, each item is hand painted, original design produced by me, and may be personalized, which makes the gift a very special item.
I currently sell my products at the Archway at Kearney, NE, From Nebraska Shop, in Lincoln, NE, and my Studio in Seward, NE.
Call me or visit my studio.
God has given me a passion for painting and creating beautiful pieces that many people love.  One of my goals when I started painting was that people would see God’s beautiful creation in what I paint and that happens quite often.
Some of my paintings have gone to Ireland, Japan, England, Alaska, Canada and throughout the United States.
Rosemary Thomas