Hand Painted Porcelain

Each piece of porcelain is hand painted by artist Rosemary Thomas, who creates the  designs on each item. Using the principles of art and her natural God given talents, she has chosen porcelain to be her canvas. The porcelain is made with generations of quality and has been hand selected to meet her standards of excellence. The paint used is comprised of several minerals, combined with oils to create beautiful colors and textures—giving each piece of porcelain its own one-of-a-kind identity. When painting porcelain, the artist uses several coats. Between each coat, the piece is kiln fired and checked for quality. Using 24-karat gold trim, each piece has the gold applied and is kiln fired for a final time.

Rosemary started hand-painting porcelain in 1973. Her mother, Nebraska artist E. V. Conner, and Rosemary started the business together and also taught classes to others in Nebraska. In 1985, their business went into wholesaling their products at wholesale gift markets in Nebraska with permanent showrooms in gift markets in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver and Atlanta. While they enjoyed what they were doing, they decided to downsize a bit, realizing they were truly artists and not machines that produce items one dozen at a time. Rosemary and her mother worked together producing beautiful hand painted china for 30 years. Her mother was a free spirit and hand painted what she desired, while Rosemary painted most of the orders and commissions. Through the years their hand painted porcelain has been taken to shipped to Japan, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and throughout the United States.