Hand Painted Furniture

Rosemary hand paints wooden decor and furniture, using new unpainted furniture and antiques. Using┬átube acrylic, she hand paints original designs using beautiful clear colors. She gives some items a Victorian style by adding embellishments of ribbons, vines and lace. Trunks, serving trays and benches are hand crafted of white pine by a Nebraskan artisan. Wood pieces are sealed and hand painted in Rosemary’s country studio. Some of the antiques are stripped of old paint, sanded, given several coats of paint and sealer, and then the seats are painted with adesign.

Embellishments are added to the spindles and leg rails. Rosemary uses designs of fruit, vegetables, florals and many scenes with sunflowers or poppies and other chosen florals along with verses. Some of the serving trays have tile inserts while others are painted directly on the wooden surface of the tray.

Rosemary has painted: a jam cupboard, several trunks, a 3-piece bedroom suite, lamp tables, coffee tables, doll furniture, chests of drawers, murals on walls and wall accents, writings and many other items.

If you look closely Rosemary’s designs, you will discover little bits and pieces of her reflected in her work. Many of the designs say very softly that Rosemary is a supporter of the Victorian era. Rosemary’s home is full of Victorian hand painted treasures and that is also some of what inspires her.